Top 6 things to do that are Guaranteed to Increase the Value of your home

Generally there are two types of properties that go on the market.  A home where the situation dictates that the sale needs to be quick and the house is as it is.  A quick tidy and the sign is up.  

The other is where the client is just beginning to think about selling and will call me so that we can work together to create a list of projects that will increase the saleability and price of their home.  REALTORS® spend half of their time working with buyers, walking through homes and talking to them about what is important to them. 

Here is the short Darbyshire List of the easiest and cheapest To Do’s that will add Value:

1.  Sort, Pack and Store!  This one is free.  It is your time only.  Try to keep every surface free of clutter.  Maximum of three items (preferably decorative) on any surface.  Remove all personal photographs, as buyers will be looking to see if they know anyone in the pictures and not looking at your home.  Clean your desk, empty your pantry and thin out your clothes and linen closets.

2.  Sparkling Clean.  Buyers are looking in all those places that you never look.  They check behind the furnace and open closets.  They open stoves and fridges and check under the kitchen and bathroom sinks.  The impression you want to convey is that they too can live like this.  When a home is spotless, buyers and their agents are impressed and feel it is a reflection of how the home has been maintained.

3.  A fresh coat of neutral paint.  You might be able to get away with kid’s rooms that has a bright fun colour, however everything else should be fresh and neutral.  Our goal is to appeal to the largest segment of buyers (who all watch HGTV and faithfully read House and Home magazines).  

4.  Light fixtures.   The difference this makes cannot compare to the investment.  Approximately $400-$500 will modernize your main floor and change the entire appearance of your home.  (I have a few favourites I always recommend).

5.  White Towels, white shower curtains and a splash of colour.  This goes back to #2.  White means clean!  

6.  A powder room renovation is fairly inexpensive and will wow buyers.  A mirror, light fixture and great wall art is all you need here to impress.

Oh, I could go on and on with easy, doable fixes that will increase your homes value!

We all know that major renovations such as the kitchen, bathrooms and hardwood floors are all top of the list, but there are plenty of other things we can do to increase the value on a much smaller budget.

If you are thinking of a renovation, small or big, feel free to give me a call and run your ideas by me to see how they will affect the value of your home.


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